Worldwide, The Rate of Technological Adoption is Accelerating. That’s Very Mixed News.


  1. JigglesJingle says

    What will happen once we reach technological singularity? There will be
    mass poverty if capitalism doesn’t change. Jobs will continue to decrease.
    What if AI learns to lie and manipulate?

  2. Free Thinker says

    The only bad thing about automation is there are no jobs to replace them.
    You automate a job 40 guys used to do and create 2 jobs for technicians.
    Makes no sense.

  3. JesusPaid4You2 says

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  4. John Malkovich says

    Capitalism has run its course, now is the perfect time to transition to the
    resource-based economy and leave capitalism behind.
    The idiotic economic system we have today, which relies on infinite growth
    and infinite consumption will crash in the next 10 years.
    If we intend to overcome that crisis, these 8 things will need to happen:

    1. All the repetitive, dangerous and not intellectually engaging jobs
    should be left to advanced robots, while human beings should be involved in
    science, arts and education.
    2. Money should be eliminated and we should transition to the
    resource-based economy.
    3. There should be no countries, no nations, no borders and no organized
    4. All voting should be done online, and people should be required to
    undergo an extensive test of competence before being allowed to vote in the
    first place.
    5. People should be required to undergo an extensive test of mental,
    physical and financial abilities and made to obtain a parenting license
    before being allowed to have children.
    6. The human population of Earth should be kept between 500 million and 1
    billion people.
    7. Everything should be done to expand the human lifespan as much as
    8. We should colonize at least one other planet in the next 20 years and do
    everything in our power to explore the universe that we inhabit.

    If you’re somewhat dubious about how realistic this is, look up Ray
    Kurzweil and
    The Law of Accelerating Returns…
    the world in 2030, 2040 and 2050 is going to be a VASTLY different place.

  5. anothaview says

    Of course Western ALL-LIES need to sell their defected products to 3rd
    World countries to Capitalize the lo$t$ spend on failed products. Not only
    defected technology spreading the world to needed hands, other defected
    products such as food, medicine, fabrics, clothing that can give cancer as
    a Humantarian-Neo-liberal need.

  6. AJ06 says

    Yes! Technology levels the playing field and creates new fields of
    opportunity. Anything is possible with creativity powered by technology.

  7. HK Normann says

    Comparing twitter to the tv… hmmm… not so sure about that for soo many

  8. escope1959 says

    Everything runs with electricity. Power management is the key. When we
    develop a new power source and figure out how to get water to places that
    need it then we as a human race will have gone to the next level. We still
    burn coal and wood to keep warm. WTF?

  9. Volound says

    “john malkovich” is a troll that deletes comments that refute him or make
    him look wrong. dont respond to his garbage.