Water Fuel Technology For Everyone. News Team Test The AquaTune Hydrogen Fuel System.


  1. Ansis99 says

    Hi! I remember that video where you demonstrate the productivity of 1
    element, which make HHO. The amount of gas was very small… in this video
    we see similar!, but you and others report of big savings. Maybe that is
    not a Hydrogen and Oxygen which make this effect? How is it connect between
    car parts? I just want to know, because your old HHO cell I think was not
    so worst- you tell about 2L per 1 minute? Thank you! P.S. Guys from Latvia
    (I know them personally) make big cells with productivity of 4L per 1
    minute and than there is some economy about 15-25% without adjustment of
    car computer.
    One more. Maybe this overheated water make some change in the fuel? Maybe
    there is reaction of Methane cracking from Gas molecule? You remember my
    experiments with cold fog? There was no economy at all and I take off this
    setup 🙁 and Ultrasound elements was garbage- they die one to another after
    short period of time.

  2. chris lewis says

    Popular mechanics say whatever the petroleum company’s want them to. 

  3. Ed Howes says

    This is so typical! Reporter tells us highway mileage goes from 28 to 40
    MPG (better than 40%) and then states they are getting the 25% guaranteed.
    When are you going to share the results of your 4 generator set up and tell
    us more than I am happy with it? Let’s have some numbers, please.