1. TowerOfLightning3000 says

    iPhone 6 is already out and was nothing like what was shown. Guess we’ll
    have to wait for the iPhone 6s.

  2. Yawha says

    Sapphire on the iPhone 6 “Future Technology” That stuff has been here for

  3. Kimberly L says

    Top 10 future technologies coming in 2015!
    Well we are still waiting for it.

    #2015 #technology #kimberlylamkaileung 

  4. Mahieddine Cherif says

    Useless video i just heard windows 9 and i closed the tab lol

  5. ‫حنان‬‎ says

    ‫افضل 10 تليفونات ( هواتف )
    ممكن ان تا تى بعد شهور
    او يريد بعض الناس صنعها
    ‬ 10 future technologies coming in 2015
    2015 is set to be an exciting year for new futuristic gadgets and
    smartphones. What are some of these technologies coming next year and how
    will they affect …

  6. peter dhillon says

    It’s 2016 in 7 months 2015 is going so fast think about the tech we will
    see in 2016 china and japan are are in 2020 in tech and gadgets they are
    the best when it comes to that 

  7. J says

    Saphire is not near as cheep as gorilla glass! not even close its 10x more
    expensive to produce at least

  8. Anitta Camacho says

    I think it´s very interesting to know how tecnology changes constantly. I
    reckon is importat to us to know about it. Also I consider that technology
    has advantages and disadvantages.

  9. Alondra Camacho says

    This video talk about how technology has progressed over the years, for
    example when the people sent a Messenger by mail and now is more simple
    fact or writing in the cell phone and give send.