1. Shawn Stewart says

    Bruh ……………… that’s a 6th gen Nano, that’s NOT the Apple Watch

  2. mohammad lal says

    Again he’s just a troll, a really funny one also, keep it up 

  3. Scott Lewis says

    Are you blind? That’s no a apple watch it’s a freakin ipod

  4. Shitzu Gamerop1432 says

    Dumys he being funny listen he says its on my wrist so its a watch ya hes
    being funny

  5. Dipper Dip says

    Dear creator of this shitty video,
    You go on a professional’s account and tell him to delete his videos
    because your videos are better. Im sorry, sir, but you have shitty content
    and you dont deserve your 1k+ subscribers. Also, your probably thinking
    that I dont have any vids/subscribers so I shouldn’t be talking, but I dont
    because I know I will make shitty videos and I don’t want to waste people’s
    time by having them watch one of my videos. Finally, get off of youtube and
    Android is better.

  6. Jovany Garcia says

    This cost “me” a few 1000 dollars. yeah right not like it cost your mom a
    couple 1000 dollars

  7. AndroidPhonesSucks (Satire) says

    I have a serious video coming up tomorrow. It’s important.