Technology News Satire Live #1: Apple Watch, Macbook


  1. Shawn Stewart says

    this kid needs to know that Android devices are just as good as Apple
    devices ………….

  2. ElvisPelvis0 says

    The hundreds and thousands of butthurt viewers that didn’t understand it
    was satire before you added (Satire) to the channel name are going to feel
    so dumb.

  3. Zafar Nageeb says

    He doesn’t have any friends apart from that shitty siri xD

  4. mohammad lal says

    Omg I laughed so hard when you were like I’ll give it to my frie… Btw
    what happened to the other friend I mean you know the smartest person in
    the world ??

  5. Mark Parren says

    You are pathetic, go outside, get some sun, meet real people (not Siri).
    Get a job and find out how to use a real computer. Don’t waste your
    parent’s money on Apple scams.. Don’t take an IQ test you will go into
    deep depression

  6. Evan Brook says

    I can’t believe that people don’t understand that this is satire…

  7. Komain isatgooglepluswow says

    Damn at least he got siri as friends too bad I don’t hav one :'(

    Only irl ones