1. Sho81 says

    LMAO I actually do have those…. God when it comes to tech I am such a
    pack rat. Still have my old IBM ps/1 as well and runs even though all it
    has on it besides dos is wheel of fortune and wolfenstein 3d. Had to thank
    my aunt for the phone though considering I was 3 when it came out. Have a
    smaller at&t model of phone as well as a car set with the big leather

  2. Diloman64 says

    was necessary to put that fucking nerd french kissing?… that was
    disgusting mother fucker!!!

  3. Electric Productions says

    This is cool, looking back on what technological advances shaped our

  4. Georgio QuestOR says

    What about DVD recorders. They came on the scene for few years and now they
    are no more.

  5. burnedatbirth says

    Surpizenley i still have the plam pilot with all its componets even its un
    folding keyboard

  6. James Samson says

    Disliked for annoyingly disgusting kissing. That wasn’t funny.