1. Absolutism says

    Too bad there was no big news happening, really. Still a great video,
    though. 🙂 congratulations, winner! And by the way, if you’re going to get
    the Xperia Z (probably not likely that is happening) could you do an review
    on it? I’m so excited for that phone.

  2. Daniel Jimenez says

    Another successful vid love it Jerry I got you covered on facebook, keep it


    Its ok, i still love you.

  4. SamuraiMo YouMaySayMo says

    If apple just a put a logo on any cheap ass chinese watches and it would
    sell…kinda sad

  5. nellis51 says

    Great video! I wonder about the battery life with all of the features
    necessary to make the watch smart (including the processor)? Will the watch
    be rechargeable?

  6. illage2 says

    Awesome video, shame I can’t watch with the audio om though so I had to
    read the description.

  7. Kieron Hawke says

    I am your number 1 fan 🙂 I love your videos !!!! I share them on Facebook
    all the time . And my dad just got me a ipad 3 and I would love a case your
    the best !!!!!!!!