1. TyrannyforSupper says

    Maybe Playstation Now can work better. when i use onlive on my pc,
    streaming is smooth. On playstation now? sluggish as shit.

  2. wazzuper11 says

    no, i disagree with this opinion. i do not think they have acquired the

  3. Mitch G. says

    has there been any news of Microsoft making any attempt of trying to
    improve/add to what they already have?

  4. jbooggie6 says

    I honestly believe this is a smart power move because playstation now has
    so much potential but it just isn’t quite there for me to pay what they’re
    asking for.

  5. Joseph Grutt says

    This move would make sense if Sony is planning on making a version of
    Onlive for the PS3 and PS4, then selling PC games for them (since they’d
    get a cut of the sales through Onlive). People could finally play
    Civilization 5 on their console.

  6. Rohan Saini says

    Lol Sony hahahah
    Xbox and PC are collating when windows 10 comes beat that …..

  7. DBFReviews Alt Account says

    I remember seeing a TV advertisement years ago for the “ON LIVE” streaming
    console and I thought it was going to be so much fun to have. I also
    thought it was going to tear down the Xbox 360 and stuff because I was like
    11 so this was around 6 years ago I believe. What I do know for certain is
    that it was shit! I hated everything about the damn thing and thought it
    was just awful. I think I played it twice and went right back to my Xbox.

  8. Емил Ефендулов says

    It’s kind of sad tho. I always hoped that Onlive would finally reduce the
    ping and will take off. Oh well.

  9. Tracey Ward says

    OK since PS4 can stream games now, can we stream PC game’s to it like WOW?

  10. Amazing Dr. Grant says

    I would care about Onlive if GameSpy didn’t shut down. Mainly for
    Homefront. PC still has 32 player severs but it isn’t always busy 

  11. RememberPluto says

    Onlive was to ahead of it’s time. A company based solely on something the
    world of gaming wasn’t ready and still isn’t with no back up plan.

  12. Jose Cruz says

    Wait this can’t be true. The Xbots told me that Sony is too broke to afford

  13. Ron K says

    This is great for the playstation now service, but sucks as Onlive had some
    much potential when it first came out and it’s too bad it was never fully

  14. Matt Something says

    Is Sony squashing onlive or adopting tech? I thought the amazing power of
    gaikai was supposed the handle all this. Makes one wonder…

  15. CJ99 W says

    This is very common in the corporate world, eliminating competition along
    with acquiring a competitors customer base. Possibly sony may also aquire
    the software to stream over their own services as well.