Scientists Are Teaching an AI to Feel Anger – IGN News


  1. Matt Grupp says

    They should show it Destiny trailers, and then let it play the game.

  2. ixTopDawgxiHDTv says

    Anybody else think this is a bad idea? I see iRobot in our future. 

  3. goodvillain101 says

    Sometimes I think about walking up to scientists doing stuff like this and
    ask them “Why?” A dozen movies and video games where robot go bad and they
    still research on the stuff that made them bad? Scientists must think
    movies and video games are for dumb people.

  4. Fox/ Robin / Gear says

    have those scientists played any video games with AI or watched any movies
    with AI? this is a TERRIBLE idea

  5. Royboy140 says

    Well Ill see you all in Heaven! Or Hell depending on what you’ve done in
    your life… XD

  6. Necroverse19 says

    Some of the people in this comment section watch way too many movies.

  7. Carlen Reilly says

    Here’s ways to prevent a robot uprising:
    1. Don’t let them near the internet
    2. Don’t give them arms or legs
    3. Don’t give them anger

  8. CorvixEyes says

    Seriously…? Kicking the hornet’s nest, are we? Goes to show intelligence
    and common sense do not necessarily come together.

  9. 432neptune says

    Yeah, I get that being able to do this would be a great advancement, but
    seriously, who doesn’t see this going wrong? Isn’t A.I. becoming *too*
    human kind of a bad thing?

    Maybe Hawking was on to something.

  10. TrickWithAKnife says

    It’s a box on a desk. People in the comments section can stop wetting their
    pants now.

  11. 8DarthGhost8 says

    Looks like Ultron’s “coming soon” to a home near you. 

  12. WingedSoda says

    WAIT ITS NAMED AFTER THE FOUNDATION SERIES?? I don’t recall a Radiant and I
    just finished the foundation series, do they mean from the robot novels
    that are apart of the foundation universe? Does apart none have the exact
    book title?

  13. James Flowers says

    *scientists go see avengers age of ultron*
    Scientist 1: *”Hmm I wonder how it would be in real life if we actually
    gave a soul less machine the ability to feel anger with no remorse”*

    Scientist 2: *”weeell we have a multi – million dollar lab and the manpower
    to do so,wanna go try it out?”*

    Scientist 1: *”Bitchin”*

  14. James Logan says

    Out of all the emotions they could have chose to emulate, anger? Really?
    Are you seriously that stupid?