SAN DIEGO UFO SIGHTING: Forbidden Technology in Our Skies?


  1. FaceLikeTheSun says

    My Thoughts on the #UFOsighting in San Diego. #BibleProphecy

  2. Joe weeks says

    The Jerusalem ufo I believe was proved to be a hoax…made by students from
    a university

  3. lessons2ball says

    Any footage from Third phase of the moon is bullshit trust me..

  4. Vincent Franquez says

    Duuude I have seen these same lights above Pomona, CA I thought it looker
    like a chariot or something ship-looking and was perplexed cuz it seemed
    like they were moving in some formation/rotation. They’re probably
    practicing for the next big deception

  5. Kevin Smith says

    Dude your theory is insane.

    It is absolutely 100% not scriptural at all!

    God’s word tells us what will happen. It doesn’t talk about any alien

  6. Radomir Stanković says

    I have seen “red stars” in my country. I found it interesting that
    communists used this symbol extensivly, especially on hats. :)

  7. andreas351 says

    I have seen the same lights at age 5 above my house and I still remember it
    until to this day.

  8. Vam Mav says

    Can you do a video on why aliens would not affect your faith? I believe
    that “aliens” are fallen angels or something of that nature. But your
    comment in the video caught my interest and i’m curious on your opinion.

  9. Johnathon Doughzier says

    I was sitting on my porch one early morning a couple of summers ago and
    began seeing this ridiculously bright flashes of light, reminiscent of a
    camera flash but lit up the entire sky as far as I could see for just a
    split second. This happened several times, and just a note of reference
    there were no clouds anywhere to be seen that night (5am’ish). There was no
    sound whatsoever.
    It was so odd, I decided to call my fiance’ who was driving a company
    vehicle through a remote area in southern Kentucky (hundreds of miles away
    from me). As I described it to her, it happened again mid-conversation. She
    yelled and told me she was seeing the same exact thing, and it was at the
    same exact second! Neither of us heard anything, and we both had a very
    weird feeling about it all.
    I reported it to Mufon. I still have no clue what that was, but the flash
    on the Temple Mount UFO video looked eerily similar. 

  10. Larry Olson says

    Keep up the good work. Don’t be put off my the nay sayers. God will
    vindicate you.

  11. Tangoj29 says

    I’ve been seeing these lights off and on for about 6years now. Only at
    night and usually the hover for around 10-20 minutes and the the fly away
    or disappear.

  12. Reginald Cooper says

    Aliens don’t exist. Demons do however. And I think that they are preparing
    for some kind of “Great Deception”. The government has been coaxing this
    alien belief for awhile. When you realize that God made the earth flat and
    the sun and the moon are the same size, and that the sun is actually
    revolving around the earth. Then you realize just how significant you are
    to God and how crazy these scientists are. The government is a lie. They
    have never been past the wall of ice that surrounds us, because the
    conditions are too severe.
    Remember, God bought you with a PRICE. His very own precious blood. Don’t
    forget your significance and how important you are to Him. We ARE the apple
    of His eye!

  13. JPhoenixHipHop says

    finally a ufo video where the quality doesnt look like it was filmed with a

  14. muncleike says

    the whole point of lights like that is so other aircraft don’t run into
    you, these type lights don’t light up anything. if its real, its man made
    (I say). it could be, and I hate to say it, a blimp if I am not wrong they
    have different color lights on the “balloon” then they do the ..err.. cab?
    whatever they call it.

  15. Mit Dinger says

    “The “people” behind haunted houses are the same “people” behind ETs/UFOs”
    I’ve heard it said.

  16. Live4Him says

    That one formation reminds me of the big dipper. I am certainly no expert
    on any of this, but I remember someone else doing a video and explaining
    how the ‘elite’ think and how it all involves things like freemasonry,
    astrology, the ancient Egyptians and the like..
    Wish I could remember who did that.

  17. James Samson says

    Keep on supporting the companies that want us dead, that is real logical.
    Im sure Jesus would want you watching it.

  18. Imon2udude says

    I saw a black orb ufo very close up about a month ago about ten miles west
    of Stockton Ca. It was a few hundred ft from the road and a few hundred ft
    high . It came to complete stop after zipping around a bit. It was jet
    black and shiny and about ten or twelve ft in diameter. This was in
    complete sunlight at about 9 am. I did take photo with iphone and wish to
    share it. Youtube will only let me upload video, no still picks. I can
    email it easy to anyone interested. Any advice appreciated. Not looking to
    get paid at all. Still a little freaked out a month later. I saw it so
    close, it was changing from sphere to egg shaped. This is the honest to God

  19. XxAdamJxX says

    Im cautious about this whole ufo reveal thing. Because it can be used
    against us in two ways. They can reveal the ufos and say they are friends
    etc. OR they can reveal the ufos and say one day we are going to be
    attacked. But guess who’s coming through a “door”? I often wonder how satan
    will gather all nations to make war against the Lamb. I guess we just have
    to wait and see how they reveal it to us. Cause im sure when the Messiah
    comes with the “clouds of heaven” and thousands of His Holy Ones, their
    light, power and glory will definitely seem like an “alien” invasion.

  20. blica 1 says

    I think this may very well be the military “exercising” their future alien
    agenda protocol, testing the waters so to speak, to see what the public
    reaction will be.. If not , then it may be some type of cloaking device for
    classified, top secret air craft that will be a part of the deception in
    some form.. Whatever the case, it certainly is strange, and more
    importantly, unsettling.. Hold on to your conspiracy hats everyone…
    They’re going to get all “twilight zone” on all of humanity.. Or at the
    very least, for now, on the U.S…

  21. Shaanan Domschine says

    Definitely check out Tom Horn’s research in light of this. The Vatican has
    its own theology on the idea of life on other planets.