1. ryatat says

    We don’t get to see his invention working? What gives? So basically it’s
    just an idea? 

  2. Klyschin Slate says

    My grandfather is one the people who invented the Laser :P

  3. AmericanHeathen958 says

    One day they will be ready . And on that day there will be a war of light
    and dark . 

  4. Sean C says

    So they are trying to hijack the popularity and recent upswing of Star Wars
    in order to make this seem cool. A lightsaber doesn’t function anything
    like this, it’s essentially a stream of plasma energy that is modulated and
    forced back in upon itself (more or less) creating the blade as we know it.
    Google can explain, I read about it years ago when I got the Weapon
    encyclopedia for Star Wars…and yes, obviously I damn well love SW….oh

  5. JediMaster Yorhacken says

    My god, this is incredible! You have earned yourself a like The Graveyard

  6. MrMeat42 says

    It’s more interesting that he made photon molecules. Damn news fucking up
    the real story again

  7. LanguageMan1 says

    If I had the money, we’d be a bit closer as I’d be making one myself. It
    might not be as good as the imagined one, but I’d use what’s on the shelves
    to make one for now.

  8. Christopher Tochalauski says

    You are all blind to science to say that say it impossible because first of
    all did you hear anything he said that it can bind light and that means he
    can limit its leangth and width and it overall shape, because any thing you
    can bind is some sort of solid and in this case it is a solid that is
    atracted to its evenly or oppisite charged light of the light spectrum! Im
    only 14 and I get what he said how cant you? To carify it if two things are
    atracted it mean they will compact and grow not expand like other lasers!
    like if you take a south pole magnet and a north pole magnet they are
    atracted to eachother and then go into a lock of magnetic charges! And
    every one should know that science is what the ancients would of called
    magic but we know different, now we know how our science works so our
    undersanding of it grows and every challenge nature throws at us and is how
    we find stuff like this because we make sence out of the immpossible or in
    this case we make science out of the immpossible! 🙂

    – Christopher Tochalauski
    If you have any questions or comments email me at or at

  9. Charles Henderson says

    Too bad none of these people know WTF there talking about. A lightsaber is
    made from plasma not lasers. That’s only where there logic began to fail.

  10. David Molina says

    It dosent matter as long it cuts lime a real light saber im cool with that

  11. moverling5 says

    might have to check on how far they got in about a million years from now.