New Technology Will Let You Charge Your Devices Over WiFi ft. Anthony Lee & David So


  1. Immajeanyus says

    That sounds dangerous af. Charges of energy floating in the air. 

  2. J.J.C gaming says

    it`s safe to say we are all down to watch historylessonswithjoe , or as
    some call it , muddahistory with joe. MAKE IT HAPPEN

  3. W-3-I-R-D-0 says

    I guess nobody has ever heard of Nikola Tesla??????????

    He had already invented harnessing electricity through radio
    airwaves….Buuuuuttt big corporation are keeping it under wraps till now….

    Just like how shell bought the patent to make your car go 250 miles per
    gallon already…but they are just sitting on it….I actually heard of one car
    going 1,000 miles/gallon.

  4. Gabbi Baybe says

    Am I the only one who is pushing for these history lessons wish joe.. I’m
    not even in history anymore 

  5. Viet Lee says

    There will be no practical wireless charging in my opinion. First, I highly
    doubt we can transfer enough electricity trough air to charge and use a
    modern device at the same time, you will have to leave it sitting all day.
    Second, there is real health hazards involving radiowaves and other
    wireless spectrum, theoretically if I crank up my wifi attenna for a better
    signal (tx power), I might get a tumor (edit: I confuse it will the term
    “cancer” earlier, my bad). Lastly, it will be an extremely bad waste of
    electricity, I’m not a scientist, but I suspect it will have a bad
    efficiency rating, I’m talking 1kwh to charge your phone. Charging your
    phone with a potato will be more efficient

  6. Elijah baker says

    The Samsung galaxy’s s 6 can charge witlessly so like this isn’t new well
    it is new not brand new where products havent been put out yet

  7. Lulzenberg Blanco says

    what is this.. 115 year old technology being brought to us as “something

    jesus christ guys.

  8. Meilani Cheung says

    I actually really want Joe to start a history channel now o_o I’d watch it
    for sure.

  9. Ambrosius Malachai says

    Nicola Tesla already invented this, and he was shut down by the government
    before he was able to turn it on. He had a tower that would of powered the
    entire city.

  10. christian menchu says

    Yes!!!! We need this history chanel with Joe. It’ll help us all pass our
    classes and get better jobs earning more money.

  11. aaron luke says

    Joe you have to make a YouTube channel called history with joe Jo, it would
    fouling be amazing. 

  12. Zahra Ahmadi says

    Yet Windows still won’t let me have two files with the same name.