1. JUKIO01 says

    ya me too, i like that yellow bolb thing. bet its gona be a cool toy to get
    for christmas

  2. SiliconBong says


  3. thecellarlife says

    man, suicide is stupid now-a-days, if we don’t destroy the earth, the
    technology we are developing is worth seeing 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years from
    now. I’m so excited to just see what will happen. if you’re thinking about
    killing yourself, just realize, you’re missing out on some CRAZY shit. SHIT
    YOU COULDN’T EVEN IMAGINE. cool, cool beans.

  4. thecellarlife says

    absolutely. perfection is unattainable, but growth is indispensable. unless
    we change, consistently and constantly, we give no meaning to life, either
    for ourselves or anyone else. so an upheaval in society is necessary in
    every generation to force that kind of thought process upon the ignorant,
    inattentive masses. the quicker we understand, the sooner we all can
    experience the next evolution of our species. it all starts with peace.

  5. AntiProtonBoy says

    The optical illusion experiment with the LF and HF hybrid images was
    already widely used in the computer graphics industry. Ever played the
    first Unreal game? They used the exact same trickery to implement detail
    textures when you walk up close to a wall.

  6. Simon Rose says

    i think maybe changing who presents the show, a little lacking in engaging
    discourse skills [man in blue jumper] “Okay!…”

  7. happinesson says

    so cute yellow tiny robot! Musical inclined! Nice picture and depression
    research..very informative!

  8. ellocorolando says

    @MRTRUEable: you can use a knife (which is technology) to cut a tomato, or
    use it to hurt someone. The choice is with the individual. Technology is
    not good or evil, man can make it good or evil. If your choice is to not
    use technology: cool! but how did you leave your comment on youtube without
    using any technology??