NASA News Conference Highlights SpaceX 3 Science and Technology Cargo


  1. Rafic Dalati says

    What are your thoughts on using magnets to hold on to the ISS for the robot
    instead of clipping on to something? If the robot will be going outside of
    the ISS, there isn’t necessarily a place to hold on with the clips; instead
    however, there will be more freedom of navigation if the legs used some
    sort of magnets to hold on to the ISS. Was this idea studied?

  2. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography says

    OPALS is an amazing experiment this will be the first time the ISS sends
    data via lasers 

  3. Vic Garbutt says

    actually i can’t believe its taken so long for NASA to do this hobbyists
    have used lasers to communicate a decade ago! I guess they were busy!

  4. numgun says

    Those salad factories would be useful everywhere on earth, especially more
    so in places with poverty and scarcity of food.

    Just upscale the whole thing into a large factory capable of automatically
    producing salad for thousands of people and pop it down everywhere in the

  5. Kat Loaf says

    How about building an antenna to talk to ICE/ISEE-3? : Starting to
    understand why you won’t. You don’t want the world to have all that data.

  6. 橋本絵莉子 says

    Very Important missions, love all of them, good luck to everyone. 

  7. Adam Rosalky says

    I think we will remember the OPALS experiment as the beginning of the

  8. Teriyaki Jesus Jerkey says

    I was wondering about growing vegetables in space before watching this. The
    Veggie experiment sounds really interesting.

  9. raymond morris says

    if they tried aquaponics well they’re not but how would you feed fish or
    grow duckweed it is an algae to feed fish that would be a good system but
    how would it work on the iss ? 

  10. raymond morris says

    how would aquaponics work on iss and the algae to feed fish is called
    duckweed? can it be done in space?

  11. Ricardo Ernesto Gonzalez Nassar says

    My point of view, is the great and special advance of the science and
    technology. Thanks.

  12. Ken Kendall says

    “Within this region of space, you will not be able to travel freely should
    you escape the limits of your solar system. Trade routes are established
    and are maintained for those races that use them… you cannot go wherever
    you want, and travel is relatively slow.” I learned that from The Allies
    Of Humanity briefings online for free.