1. Dark_Link59 says

    Some of these won’t be out for many years so u might want to wait and save
    up more money 

  2. Arc Ardeus says

    Emm sir im sorry but i come from the future and galaxy S5 has been released
    and its totaly sucks

  3. Best Price 365 says

    Wow very impressive gadgets of the year… wishing everybody could have

  4. ΗΜανασου Ξεβρακωτη says

    Spend all your hard earned cash to buy all this garbage you don’t really
    need…all about money for shit technology that fries your fuckin brains
    out with nothing to gain but to become some fuckin senile burned out idiot
    with no real pussy and all the gadgets

  5. Szymon Bil says

    Hey, XBOX 1 should not be on this list because XBOX 1 is a tech failure

  6. Lethargic Parvalbumin says

    OMG WHO CARES! How about we start using our technology and knowledge to
    make things that could actually benefit humanity, instead of these useless
    overpriced fashion accessories?

  7. TechvedicVideos says

    Really Technology is a revolution and act a big role of developed a

  8. Vinay Suresh says

    WISH I HAD THESE ….. ….. ….. . . .
    but sadly they have not yet been invented

  9. Danny Ashforth says

    I wouldn’t put a shitty s5 next to iPhone 6, you can bet your ass Samsung
    will bring another cheaply plastic piece of garbage to the world…

  10. utd says

    The jibo robot should be here! It is a very smart robot, or like a little
    display, that talks to you, children and it is very cool! :)