Microwave voices 中文 in skull technology – USA tv news


  1. Tyler Nelson says

    NSA is doing it and destroying our country. That’s the truth.

  2. Chicago Corruption at Large FBI Stalking says

    Well, these people are victims of the FBI<CIA<DEA< or AFT for crimes of
    kidnapping, Murder, or Terrorism and in conjunction of the tech that is a
    microwave radio frequency that can be broadcast to the inner ear, they use
    Behavior Science saturation unit and Advanced Satellite Imaging, to do live
    surveillance watching your every move, to do unlawful Enhanced
    interrogation, trying to compel incriminating statements and/or gain date
    of unsolved crimes and usually target Homosexuals, Gang members, and
    Foreigner as suspects, operating large units in experimental projects of
    the FBI via NSA technology…

  3. theunpossiblefile says

    “Freedom From Covert Harassment” is fake, was intended to be fake (not
    “infiltrated”) and populated by play-acting contractors imitating paranoia,
    psychosis (mixed with a few who are). All these groups and sites, have
    their fake questionnaires, pretend forums, FAQ’s using real TV MKULTRA
    documentaries to prop them up. Mind control sites & videos like the ones to
    the right pumped out by the thousand>>>
    have recently tried to at least look legit with fake or exaggerated court
    cases pretending to take it to the man and fight for freedom and justice.

    Why go to all that trouble? To discredit real horrific programs and the few
    real victims who are not terrorists, not activists or whistleblowers,
    prisoners or military. The public is supposed to be “shocked”, (shocked I
    tell you) at NSA PRISM programs restarted in 2007. The only big deal is
    that Ed Snowden, ex CIA, ex NSA, has the proof.

    Now who would go to all that trouble of making all these stupid videos and
    groups? No, not the usual suspects, no CIA, NSA, DHS. All of them scripted
    by formula of fake seriousness or pretend craziness, delivered perfectly,
    (even considering editing) with fancy graphics, no stumbling over words or

    People are supposed to wonder how there can be so many whacked out ppl on
    YT. Wrong question, wrong premise. These are pros who are just the opposite
    of the image they try so hard to project.