LG G Flex 2 Review: Tomorrow’s Tech, Yesterday’s Problems


  1. Saif0412 says

    Real dissapointment,

    Hope LG fix the Snapdragon 810 issues,

    This is supposed to be the fastest processor available on a phone,

    Should have zero lag

  2. gameshoes says

    Hearing about the SD810 overheating issues makes me wary of future phones.
    I’m a Windows Phone user who is still on the L920 and I’m worried that the
    next flagship may suffer the same overheating issues. Windows Phone can’t
    really suffer a hit with their flagship being crippled when they had a lack
    of a true flagship (that wasn’t carrier exclusive or destroyed by the
    carrier itself) last year – or at least in the US. Hopefully this
    overheating issue is resolved by then.

  3. Damir Franc says

    LG, Life’s good just not your phone, I’d go as far as calling it sh…

  4. ultraszgb says

    all in all, below average phone with few gimicks here and there crippled by
    unforgivably terrible and slow UI 

  5. vncube1 says

    LG smartphones’ quality has dropped considerably since after the G2. Out of
    gimmick marketing, their sales went up using rushed, half-baked hardware
    and sub par optimisations. The Note 4’s IMX240 camera easily hops over it
    and has a superior OLED display, any 2014 Xperia phone beats it in battery
    life, the One M8 and chinese midrangers by now probably take better selfies
    and the audio experience is nothing special. The UI is certainly functional
    but still bloaty. Then there’s the overheating issues. Even if this is the
    Korean version being reviewed in America, it shouldn’t be THIS bad. 

  6. hector carpintero says

    Do you think the problem is Android’s typical lag? How about a Windows
    Phone 8.1 G-flex.. will be perfect.

  7. alexander ekin says

    Im excited with gflex 2 flamingo red but im dissapointment its look like a
    Undercook Smartphone. Maybe s810 lag issue caused spread rumor overheating
    and samsung not use it on s6 and choose using exynos chipset only. Hope LG
    improve it using software update or selling 3gb ram variant only(maybe will
    not laggy like a 2gb variant)

  8. DarkN3ss says

    ATTENTION!! >:( You used my video of the waves at Paihia during the storm
    and you didn’t ask for permission nor did you give the account I posted it
    on credit. 

  9. Joel George says

    With that performance review, it’s game over for me. Z4, let’s go. 

  10. teyzfootball says

    damn.. I hope the lag is due to software issues rather than the snapdragon
    810. Sounds worrying otherwise for all upcoming devices like the htc one m9

  11. Karly Johnston says

    so 810 overheating isn’t a myth… someone tell Anton to update his

  12. SergiioMan says

    A very expensive phone with 64-bit processor, big ass ammount of RAM,
    Lollipop and still has LAG????…. Just on Android people, just on Android.

  13. kaczmarek3007 says

    Hold on. Did you just say 2tb micro sd? Do my ears deceive me? Can someone

  14. Jeremy C. says

    LAG in 2015?

    what a huge failure from Qualcomm.. wow. just horrible.

  15. Gabriel Quiles says

    I really hope they fix that lag issue with the Snapdragon 810 chip. I
    wouldn’t mind if they shipped the phone with a 805 or even an 801 as long
    as there is little to no lag on the phone.

    Other than that, the LG G Flex 2 looks like a phone that I would definitely
    buy if my contract ends up. I’m really falling for that banana-style
    hardware. Excellent review, Mr. Fisher!

  16. Nath Ward says

    Another fantastic video from Fisher! Hands down my favourite YouTube tech
    reviewer! Keep up the great work!

  17. F_L_A_M_E says

    I’m glad LG kept their software mostly the same except for the addition of
    some features. Everyone else can call them “gimmicky” and complain about
    “bloatware” but there are definitely situations where you’ll be glad for
    the extra functionality. For example, I use the QSlide apps and LG’s dual
    window almost daily on my G3. I love when phones have so many features
    you’ll probably never find them all. I’d never even buy a phone with stock
    Android when there are much better things out there like this LG software
    or Samsung’s Touchwiz.

  18. ProteanView says

    I swear, you can throw 820 chipsets, 16 cores, 6gb of RAM… and Androids
    will still lag. It’s truly amazing and there’s always an excuse ( it’s
    pushing quadhd pixels, it overheats, it has a heavy overlay, the software
    is not optimized). Blah, blah, blah. No one cares about excuses. In two
    words, poor engineering. Samsung & LG came out with their S5 and G3
    flagships last year, sporting quadhds. Within months, they had to come out
    w/ upgraded versions to prevent lag. Maybe they shouldn’t have put quadhd
    screens in them. With every upgrade in speed and processing, Android
    companies throw in something ridiculous to render the upgrade irrelevant.
    Even Nexus 6 has issues, after watching TechSmartt video.

  19. Nathaniel William Philip says

    Quite disappointing when you mentioned the thermal throttling.. I have an
    Exynos S4 and it suffers a lot of heating issues which result in a lot of
    lagg and battery drain.. Since this is already 2 years after the S4, I
    thought the problems I faced wouldn’t exist anymore in high end phones.. 

  20. Tony Santos says

    they fixed what was lacking in the original but they removed the 2 things I
    liked… the screen size and rear notification light…

    deal breaker…

  21. Fals3Agent says

    Who cares about the fastest processor anymore? I have a old quad core
    processor in a mid range phone and Android seems to be fine. I use Windows
    Phone as my primary phone and i’ll say Android isn’t far behind in terms of
    UI fluidity.