Japanese Train Goes 375 Miles An Hour! ft. Megan Batoon


  1. Rangifer Tarandus says

    The last thing we need in California is water powered cars.

  2. Andy says

    The polarity of the magnets are electronically controlled to propel and
    decelerate the trains.

  3. Viet Lee says

    Japan is only a few step away from a super bullet train “Vactrain”, I heard
    that Japan is considering a vacuum sealed design where the train is air
    tight set up in a vacuum tube to reduce friction and it possible can run at
    1000s of mph or km/h. The only reason why we don’t have it now is Japan’s
    earthquake factor, we got to wait for the perfect earthquake proof design,
    damn you mother nature, you gave us the great vegetable of the gods;
    potatoes but you slow us down in technology.

    I don’t think we will ever get a bullet train in America, the airport
    industries is too greedy for the laws and permits to go through and even if
    we do have such train the TSA will be in everyone’s ass when it comes out.
    Also, the (East and South East + India) Asian countries are pretty much the
    only countries (maybe Brazil) that can built these because they are heavily
    manufacturing and agriculture based economies, so there is an incentive to
    make these trains.

  4. RJ Lee says

    Come to think of it, America is actually pretty much left behind as
    technology advances. There are 3rd world shitholes where people had no idea
    electricity exists 20 years ago that now have far better internet and cell

  5. Taylor Bush says

    We could never do high speed trains in America, it would destroy the
    airplane business.

  6. Kristo Nuut says

    why everybody hates death by drowning? it’s one of the best ways to go
    because when you take water into your lung you’ll get euphoric high out of
    it because lack of oxygen and some other shit that i don’t remember and you
    actually don’t even realize that you are drowning in the first place.

  7. aznfangrl612 says

    Lol Geo, there is an underwater train from England to France actually

  8. Vitruvre the Architect says

    It’s funny how they think the lack of trains in the US is the government
    and gas companies’ fault. The problem is that Americans live too spread out
    for trains to be viable.

  9. Hyun Yong Seung says

    JKNews, you’re a bit misinformed. America does already and HAS BEEN using
    corn as fuel. The USA has THE largest corn monoculture in the world;
    there’s a reason why certain states are called “corn states.” Brazil has
    been getting rid of corn for fuel in favor of sugar cane because it’s much
    more efficient and self-sufficient in terms of growing it.

  10. DistantEcho says

    The train isn’t “friction-less”. The train still has to go against the air,
    hence why the train can’t go faster than it’s current speed.

  11. POPCORN says

    The XPT in australia is like a 10 hour train ride dam, we need this

  12. Insertnamesz / Punocchio says

    Well if the train went deep enough, as it would probably have to if you
    wanted to have it be “scenic”, you’d probably die from pressure if the
    train breaks. That could possibly mess you up faster and cleaner than a
    plane crash into the ocean would.

  13. EckoEcho says

    Built a train that connect LA to San F…. BOOM Earthquake. Yup you’re fuck