Is Too Much Technology Hurting Kids’ Developmental Growth? | NBC Nightly News


  1. Raymond Johnson says

    Yes. too much android tablet they are turning into android robot

  2. AndroidGamersFTW says

    He was distracted cause he needs to focus on the game hes playing such a
    racing game would running into a tree in forza be good????????

  3. mark graham says

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  4. Cole Kinghorn says

    3-4 hours a day with a wide variety of devices actually isn’t that bad. I
    spend way more time than that most days.

  5. Carsten Leimert says

    To penetrate/blind the eyes of little children with a knife is a bad crime.
    But even worse is to blind the brains and the hearts of little children by
    indoctrinating/ feeding them with false information (= with poison for mind
    and heart). And this is what is happening by many governments,
    corporations, media, schools, churches and their little helpers. Any agent,
    who has a shred of decency left, should not supporting disinformation.

    In the past kids had experienced the world with their own senses. Now they
    just “experience” the word by just swallowing pictures and words about the
    world. It is worse than the difference between an original book and the
    secondary literature about it. And what even more worse is that the
    information on the screen is often false.

    Plus: a future world with millions of disinformed people wont no fun for
    everybody (including for the elite and their childen).