Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: As similar as they are different


  1. Alex Gonzalez says

    This comparison is laughable. Just cus two smart phones look the same
    doesn’t put them on the same level. Gs6 simply destroys the ip6

  2. Colin Brannon says

    Ppl complain about touch Wiz launcher make me mad lol. Change your launcher
    to Nova and download “moonshine icons” and your phone will look gorgeous
    lol. Note 4> M9> IPhone = S6 imo 

  3. arnoldiraq says

    Problem with Samsung is that they keep adding these beasty specs to their
    phones that not a whole lot of the general public know or even care about,
    neglecting the simplicity and smooth performance in software and user
    interface that a very high percentage of people like in a phone. Do that
    and you will be selling as good as Apple. Now that they have copied some of
    apple’s work, I think the S6 is going to sell better. 

  4. Daniel Rodríguez Sánchez says

    Samsung blatantly copied the iPhone 6 because they know they can’t win the
    battle with Apple. Android fanboys love to shit on Apple about releasing
    the same shit but what did HTC do they released the same phone as last year
    but with a minor specs boost and the S6 is just a iPhone ripoff.
    Hypocritical Android fanboys are worse than the Apple fanboys. 

  5. Marcus _ says

    The Z4 needs to release so they can outshow all these underwhelming
    releases. The S6 and M9 are lackluster. I’m liking the edge though. 

  6. NewKingBrandon says

    This seems like the generation where iSheeps can truly have a tough time
    supporting Crapple anymore.

  7. WT Cold says

    It’s so hilarious how Samsung was mocking the iPhone 5 with the placement
    of the earphone plug, such beautiful irony.

  8. RealDiecastCars says

    Really? AGAIN Samsung copied Apple!!
    Oh i forgot that’s what they do every year 

  9. Spooky Skeleton says

    Advertisement is the key to sales. Not copying. I’m not a fanboy, but the
    GS6 is a huge copy in design and fingerprint scanner.

  10. Dustin Domingue says

    Samsungs tactic in trying to beat their competitors: Make the exact same
    product and add more/ “better” features and vuala, Samsung has invented a
    new and improved product. Who remembers that stupid slogan they had for the

  11. Lary Online says

    it couldn’t be any clearer that Apple’s Design is the best. Android Fanboys
    now understand…. cracks me up

  12. Top 5 says

    This galaxy has blown out everything! Samsung makes a strong comback.
    People complaining it looks like an iphone.. thank samsung for those bigger
    displays on ur ishit!

  13. 3bih says

    Well they copied Apples iphone 6 it will probably sell littel better but
    now that people bought the iPhone 6 no need to buy the s6. Okay and I don’t
    get why Samsung Adds so much ram that will never be used its not like game
    creators for phones will make a game just for one phone. This is why
    Samsung doesn’t get as much profit back adding so much power costs them to
    make it. Besides its not like people even use 2/3 of the ram I pretty sure
    Samsung just added that to make the specs better than the iPhone. Either
    way if I had the choose which on I would go with I would choose Apple I
    never really care about a lot of power I care mostly for a nice smooth ui.
    The Android ui just doesn’t look as nice. 

  14. Julie Romero says

    Right now I’m and iPhone6 owner but sometimes I miss my Samsung with
    android. Personally I wouldn’t have a problem with the fingerprints because
    I always put cases on my phone. :)

  15. Emy Tech says

    In my opinion S6 is liks an Iphone 6 but made in the Samsung way… so it’s
    disappointing. The only difference now is that Samsung has Android and
    Iphone has IOS. 

  16. Paolo Ariedo says

    Well, people. You get what you wish for. You wanted a Samsung phone that is
    as premium as the iPhone, well you got a Samsung phone that IS an iPhone.
    And all the the crippling disadvantages that shoo’d people away buying
    iPhones in the first place to match.
    1. NO microSD
    2. Small battery
    3. Ridiculously fragile device.

    But hey, it’s premium! And you ALL wanted a premium Samsung phone, right? 

  17. vitalalive69 says

    Samsung if you want to be the best selling smartphone manufacturer give us
    longer BATTERY life, please do NOT compromise longer battery life with
    thickness !!!!

  18. Niki Dimitrov says

    Two of the worst telephones side by side, for me. The only thing good about
    those companies are there marketing departments.

  19. josh hummel says

    I literally will not watch any video that hymen riviera is in. God fucking
    dammit this guy is annoying 

  20. 8-Bit says

    Samsung finally caught up with the iPhone 4… good to see their progress