1. Barg Tech says

    Brief summary: Li’veBargain will be an open live video chat B2B and B2C
    platform web/app site that allows any businesses whether big or small to
    join. We will be using the latest technology. The live video chat allows
    suppliers to showcase their products or services while buyers can interact
    with them and ask questions. Integrated in the live chat will be an escrow
    account, confidentiality, agreements and contract documents.

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  2. let rat says

    its a great idea but ISPs will never reduce the cost of connecting to the

  3. Jimmy Garcia says

    How about just sending a small satellite(for ISP) worth $10 million
    dollars, pay the russians another $10 million for the launching rocket, and
    then send this balloons (another $10 million in balloons) for local
    coverage. Then just leave the connection open so everyperson in the world
    can have “real free internet”.. If anyone really wanted to give the world
    something, just do this, it would only cost the 1 year salary of an
    ignorant NBA “star” to give the real gift of knowledge and life to the
    entire world.