1. Tracer Perez says

    December 25 2014. In 7 days Im expecting this. And I can’t wait ;D

  2. Niecy DMS says

    If we are just seeing this now, and it is years and years old, just think
    of what they are really capable of making these days. Hoarded technology,
    old, sold as new.

  3. Bassmanwcm says

    Latest in Computer Tech. First purposed place it will go…Bars, yeah,
    great application

  4. AlexCardoza says

    I really liked your videos. you found yourself a new sub, if you subbed to
    my channel you can also follow me on twitter @alexcardoza23 :)

  5. james lear says

    Yes Mat, I know, it is crap that they try to pull this one off.

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