Complex News Is Going 360 With New Camera Technology



    What is that beat in the background???? I can’t put my finger on it…

  2. Elliot Noteware says

    Are they working on the fidelity as the bitrate in the demo left something
    to be desired?

  3. RIDZZZZ says

    I would like to check out Sean’s and Jinx shoe game during the videos
    that’s what I would do with the 360 technology 

  4. GoodAssCoffee says

    i made a video about 360 videos along time ago.. but its cool to see people
    are actually using the tech!

  5. RARE FORM says

    I just wanna get news quick, I dont wanna have to go to my desktop just so
    it won’t look stupid

  6. Alex T says

    This reminds me of an out of body experience I’ve had, but you can only
    stand in one spot. kinda sucks

  7. KidswGunz says

    unless I can see up Emily’s high waisted shorts this shit is useless.

  8. Luciano MJ says

    It scared the shit out of me i thought my screen was broken XD. But this is

  9. Patrick Stars butt says

    *360° video playback is not supported on this browser*
    God Damn you Firefox