CNET News – Microsoft shows how its 3D holographic tech will work in your living room


  1. Nomado says

    Wow so innovative. Now this is the future augmented reality will lead to.
    Only i wish to be alive when it reaches the degree of being integral part
    of our lives.

  2. thesk13ater says

    I bet in a couple of years this will be made into contact lenses.

  3. Ryan Wills says

    Now if Apple had done this, that would have made them the tech company
    everyone believes them to be. Instead they put out an unnecessary
    overpriced watch that does nothing different from your phone. I miss you
    Steve Jobs.

  4. Ness Roman says

    Looks good through the camera but I wonder how much darker or distorted the
    images will look through those dark glasses. I’m sure it will change over
    time but I wonder if it’s possible for them to make the glass completely

  5. Gabe Tinge says

    Freaking awesomeness. In 10 years we’ll look back at this and see it as so
    “primitive” but right now, this just is amazingness.

  6. Mathew Nold says

    This is crazy… One problem with it though, is looking at a screen like
    that dangerous for long periods of time?

  7. Garmon Estes says

    Every time I see these videos I wonder why they won’t let us see what the
    user is actually seeing from their viewpoint.

  8. Zsolt Szalay says

    Check out this video on YouTube. Let me guess, this will change the
    e-commerce possibilities too :)