CNET News – High-tech kiosks speed you through customs in minutes


  1. PKTV says

    wow America is way too behind every OTHER COUNTRY!! holy shit this was in
    Australia NZ and many Asian countries for over 6 years now WTF America? and
    yes I have been through the stupid customs process in the U.S. massive
    queues and a pain in the arse.

  2. Jordan E says

    It doesn’t store your info just like snapchat doesn’t store your pictures

  3. TutorialsForYou19 says

    This has been at Pearson for like 2 years now. It’s honestly great.

  4. Kyledude252 says

    This has been in Vancouver for quite awhile. like, the exact same machines
    and interface.

  5. Rudy Z. says

    They’d need to installe kiosk like this all over U.S. airports. And
    everything need to convert to apps or/and electronic over papers. 

  6. Tyler Berry says

    Confused because I used that exact machine a year ago at O’Hare.