1. Gabe Tinge says

    That’s really awesome. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw an app for it come
    around but probably not for a while…..

  2. JimmyInferno says

    is this suppose to be impressive? because all of this exist in apps.

  3. Egan Barrs says

    This feels more like an impulse shopping machine than a smartphone. 

  4. Gangreen167 says

    AHHH!.. this reminds me of the Facebook phone… going no where!!!

  5. Duranarts says

    “I think you’re gonna like it”…hmm where have I heard that phrase?

  6. Jmanrocks321 says

    He’s definitely no Steve Jobs when it comes to presenting new products.
    Its a cool phone, interesting features, but will have a hard time catching
    on. Much like the fire kindle.

  7. WoTblitz 노란모자 says

    하지만 한국은 안되겠지… 전부 미국에서만 가능한 걸…

  8. Liquid Agency says

    *Amazonian innovation continues*
    An elegant attempt to take over your consumer life.
    #innovation #technology

  9. Martin Charles Everington says

    There is a Firefly app it call Flow in the Amazon app store or in the
    amazon app click on search then click on Flow in app the search bar… they
    have turn the click it to Flow..Check my you tube Chanel..

  10. GMHD54 says

    Does this work for non-english products, too? Japanese, for example?