1. Dimonay says

    Why can technology not be organic?
    I hope that we will be able to stop/reverse aging before I die.

  2. Orsbore says

    The universe isn’t going to last forever. What makes you think people will?

  3. Eastyy's blogspot says

    I will find the secret to living forever even if it kills me

  4. TexasBrown713 says

    That lady with an extreme case of greyscale in the thumbnail needs to be
    shipped off to Valyria asap

  5. Hunter Rodrigez says

    i want to do it ghost in the shell style and get a completely artificial
    body in which merly the brain is biological, no more need for food, rest or
    even showers

  6. Harvey Yoder says

    Would not want to live forever, but wouldn’t mind looking 30 my whole adult

  7. RK4000 says

    how about spending money on preventing preventable death? like stopping
    wars, famines, and helping poor countries fight off natural disasters. we
    all know who will gain from life prolonging tech, the rich. and in no way
    do i support that.

  8. Magnus Bekkengen says

    Whats wrong with dying? you where dead before you where born, did that
    trouble you?

  9. Marv Roberts says

    I’ve existed in one form or another for over 13 billion years. Biological
    ‘death’ cannot stop me. I am the universe become sentient. As long as the
    universe exists, so will I.

  10. cortster12 says

    3:06 The ‘immortality’ happening in that movie is totally a scam. The
    person doesn’t get their consciousness transferred, it overwrites the
    other’s consciousness like deleting everything on a hard drive, and then
    rewriting the guy who paid for ‘immortality’ in his ‘new’ brain. Heck, the
    trailers confirm it is a scam and that the ‘old’ guy in the new body is
    actually just the young guy with the old guy’s memories, because his memory
    starts to come back… Maybe it’s like when you delete a hard drive, but
    all it does is delete the markers for where to fetch the information, not
    the information itself.

  11. CoriSparks says

    If they ever find a way to stop aging, we ALL know that only the rich and
    famous will have access to it while all the common folk wither away. It
    might even spark another civil war, or even a world war if the technology
    is widespread enough. Eventually, the government(s) are probably gonna make
    it illegal, leading to a bunch of immortality-dealers on street corners and
    immortal gang lords spreading their evil across generations under different
    names and stuff…

    …That’d probably make a good dystopian sci-fi series now that I think
    about it… hmmm…

  12. Maartendo hunk says

    Immortality should not be a thing, already enough people on earth.

  13. summer louise says

    Sorry but the human race would be pure selfish if we found a way to make
    our selfs imortail, I would not mind it if we found away to look young
    forever untill we die but suffer no health problems that come with old age
    but still die. I cant believe how someone as intelligent as a sceintest
    would even look for a way to live for ever who ever it is wants this for
    them selfs and to make a buck load of money its not naturel to live forever
    the earth will get over populated very quicky dieing is not nice but its
    also a big part of life we all have to go though nature did this to stop
    over population and to sort out the week from the strong if you cheat death
    it will come with deep conscquenses. Do you want to be around when its the
    end of the would or see someone with no quilty of life suffering forever
    because they cant be but down and there only ascape is death but they we
    keep alive forever because someone did not want to let go of them. Humen
    race is stupid for palying god it come with a price and someone always has
    to pay it humans are to selfish to understand this now but the further
    people will one day relise what we have done to our earth and selfs and
    will reget the choices we have made but people will not understand what
    they had untill its to late because people choice greed instead of

  14. syi666 says

    eating healthy is literally harder than quiting smoking. I hate most health
    foods, the taste or the texture is enough to make me vomit. it seems
    hopless and it’s really getting to me.

  15. TheJennRogue says

    i can imagine Google preying on vanity to promote Nanododes to monitor our
    bodies 2:00 plus
    and they keep mentioning young blood, isn’t there enough children going
    missing around the world (previous episodes)
    ~good place to sub, usually they’re scientific and straight to the point
    (not overly long videos)

  16. InMaTeofDeath says

    Interesting topic but after watching the trailer the movie looks retarded.

  17. Darkray Accel says

    hurry up you have 9 years to find the solution i dont wanna be over 31 when
    immortality comes. my twenties body is perfect as it is.
    Anyways how does exercice extend your life when it makes cells divide more
    and therefore shorten their DNA