*Breaking News* China Shows off its Military Strength in Space


  1. Dustin Cordell says

    none of the important stuff is on open networks they are all on closed

  2. malcolm campbell says

    Looks like the chinx have got their hands on a lot of stolen American
    technology .

  3. jade chs says

    The country whose NSA spies the whole world, the country who has so
    infiltrated the world’s internets that it can shut down North Korea’s
    internet through Chinese internet is here talking about being attacked by
    the internet? The inventor of all crimes against the world afraid of their
    own methods might be learned by others and used against them?

  4. dytalicksb says

    Why the fuck are we buying computer chips from China. Why are we so fucking
    stupid …why are these fucking Democrats so fucking stupid.. obviously
    they want to compete with the United States and its military technology.
    How could we be so fucking dumb. Why can’t we make our own fucking chips
    ….why buy chips from the Chinese …that’s dumb shit…. Stupid Democrats
    ….they need to be let out into the field and shot……

  5. vintage stereo says

    america, china, russia, everybody is spying everyboy, who is fooling who???

  6. Nathan Jones says

    lol its kinda funny how all China can do is copy their design is exactly
    the same as the F-35 they must have no self pride and probably lack the
    smarts to build anything on their own without first knocking off from a
    country that spent 20 years learning how to do it for real. Soon Cybertheft
    and Cyperattack will be viewed as a act of war in the US dear China better

  7. Alin Samson says

    “New arms race” like this isn’t going on for centuries… Sick in their
    minds idiots that like to play god… I love the passive world’s population
    that doesn’t want to stop these governments once and for all… Pray that
    there won’t be a WW3

  8. James Mccard says

    The West is totally to blame for how powerfully China has become, lets face
    it, you cant buy hardly anything these days in our stores but that its made
    in China. So, stop buying their stuff and buy homemade in our own countries
    stuff .

  9. YouFixTube says

    Bloody Brood of Lying Vipers!

    Why do you think they’d built lots of FEMA detention camps, with investment
    in shed loads of coffins, instead of creating jobs and get the economy

  10. James Hixson says

    The U.S. has to get real. The combined military forces of both China and
    Russia are staggering and could over-whelm the U.S. Military. They have
    many more people than we do as well. If they are successful at getting an
    EMP bomb exploded over the U.S., they could just literally walk in and take
    over with very little resistance. We also need to figure in all of the
    smaller countries that hate us. They will have their say as well.

  11. Mike Dunham says

    Our Naval Nuclear Forces are pretty much immune to EMP weapons, and I would
    hope that it is well known in certain circles of the worlds “Leaders” that
    if this happens to the USA, Your countries and culture pretty much end…

  12. MrA says

    The worst countrey to have this is Israel and U.S. Dont worry about Russia
    or China or Iran, they wont attack anyone with a out reason.

  13. ILLUMINATUS91101 says

    “Shops go down and you have no food” ……………………thank you for
    the 2nd amend and the intelligence to hunt for food………….what a fear
    monger joke.

  14. Hea Jung kim says

    I don’t need to see the comments to know that westerners will give their
    most venomous curse to china’s progress even it is just fake news made by
    westerner media itself. no matter what chinese do, they all have great
    hatret to china. hahaha, great. I like to see your performence as hungry

    white people were considered as ghost monster before 1950 when chinese
    first time saw westerners, because they looks so terrible in chineses’
    eyes. although I am in us now I never dare to have a white as roomate, it
    will make nightmare to live together with a monster, and they are so smelly
    if they don’t bathe in the whole day.

  15. koolerpure says

    thats what you get america for finding the cheap way out, build you own
    computer chips so you dont need to be worried about fraud or spi chips.

  16. 1woodmonger says

    what about all the nuclear plants on in the USA ? .. it would be the
    destruction of the whole planet.. hundreds of fukushima’s… yup.. are they
    that crazy?

  17. Adonis Valamontes says

    Lets have drills on EMP protection… what a bunch of twits, specially the
    security lady from NY… they have no clue how EMP works, you have to spend
    trillions to revamp the grid for EMP protection, and we still have 80K
    bridges collapsing… this is all like the 50s Nuclear Attack videos!, Duck
    and Cover!


  18. Adonis Valamontes says

    Long Live the Republic and the Constitution… For Nic the “amerikan” we
    need to send lemmings to re-education class to learn about the real America
    — Read the Federalist Papers – written by Alexander Hamilton, James
    Madison, and John Jay, http://thomas.loc.gov/home/histdox/fedpapers.html,
    Nic, You do know who they are right?

  19. Esam Abusaada says

    Another scare.so i guess they are lying like they did with Iraq to get into
    a war with Iran.That is insane.

  20. Dan Oh™ says

    Other countries don’t produce enough A/C that can be converted to D/C to
    produce an ”ElectroMAGNETIC pulse”
    Bull sh…