1. William Claypoole says

    The hate is strong for Blackberry. Why? What great wrong did it do to
    anybody? None that i can remember. Negativity in this world is so great
    these days, it really makes you start to think how it all happened and for
    what reason…

  2. derp yoshi says

    Specs are fine for BB10, buuuuut come on man. I want a real upgrade to my
    z30. The z30 is actually better than this specs wise, and at the same

  3. boedix83 says

    And I think most of the commentators were never used a Blackberry OS10
    devices at all. They Just moaning about specs like proccessor, Screen
    resolution, or the Blackberry OS. even they don’t know that BB OS10 could
    run most of Android Apps. They Just bashing blackberry without have a
    knowledge about what they talked at all. That’s really unfair! 

  4. Bird Man says

    Im not a BlackBerry fan but I actually like the looks of this phone, not to
    shabby BlackBerry not to shabby at all

  5. MrMano54 says

    Oh my I think is time for blackberry to give up.. Who will chose this over
    android or even iPhone 

  6. Liam Han says

    blackberry is so stubborn and laughably idiotic that they can’t see their
    worthless persistence is going to destroy the brand completely. instead of
    wasting their time building all these useless phones running blackberry OS
    in a market where android and iOS is dominant, they should be trying to
    grab a slice of the android marketshare. Even Samsung would struggle trying
    to sell under it’s own OS platform… unless there is something uniquely
    different about tizen or bb os, then there’s no reason to even consider

  7. Leo Landi says

    I would consider blackberry if it had stock android. I loved the design of
    the z10

  8. SergiioMan says

    Let’s talk about price… then the rest, because if this isn’t as cheap as
    moto g (at least), is pointless.

  9. ast5515 says

    This phone doesn’t know what it wants to be. Most specs are solid mid range
    and then they stick a 2012 mid range CPU in it. Just what???

  10. Jose M says

    Not even the blackberry fanboys like myself like this phone or think it’s a
    good idea. Why can’t they release an all touch device to upgrade the z30
    with the specs that the passport has?

  11. Chris Redfield says

    I’m an HTC fanboy, but damn! This sweety is fast as hell!

  12. TheUltimaXtreme says

    If this one works out and is priced right, they would finally have a device
    competing in the low-to-mid-tier of current smartphones like the Samsung
    Galaxy S3, the Moto Luge (rebranded RAZR M), Moto E and G, the iPhone 4S,
    and BLU’s vast array of devices… come to think of it, this might be a
    tough foothold. Better be around $200 if they want to get anywhere.

  13. BrainSeepsOut says

    Business phone without a swappable battery, are they kidding

  14. says

    You know darn well you’re just as “eager” to test that joke of a phone as
    we are to see it. This is literally something you review cause it’s your
    job to be unbiased and give all phones an honest look. Blackberry just
    released a monster of a phone last year with great specs but that square
    screen held it back from being a good media phone. Now they release a phone
    with a 720p wide screen and crap specs. Wow! Lol 

  15. Utzpah says

    Those specs are going to really kickass, when they invent a time machine
    and launch it in 2012.