ARK: Survival Evolved Update/News/Info – Weapons, Building, Weather, Tech Tiers, Etc.


  1. Starsnipe - Daily Videos says

    Earlier today LIRIK had an interview w/ the Creative Director of ARK:
    Survival Evolved and I made a nice little recap video to highlight notable
    things which were said!

    Thoughts on any of this new information we were given? Not going to lie,
    this only made me about 100x more excited!

    If anyone wants to read my word doc, I pasted it onto pastepin here:

  2. The_Dinohunter says

    This game literately looks like Rust with dinosaurs – holy shit is that
    amazing. I’ve been wanting a good dinosaur game FOREVER and I’ve turned to
    survival games recently. This. This game – is the perfect blend. The hype
    is real.

  3. Valor Gamer says

    Honestly star I’ve been a huge fan and sadly I couldn’t afford a good PC
    for games so I’ve been watching your survival videos for a few years now
    wishing to play them and now they are actually launching a straight up
    survival game for console I’m so so hype

  4. Nitrous Games says

    I REALLY hope this game isn’t a letdown. A lot of good survival games
    recently have been abandond by there developers… But I can’t wait for
    this though!

  5. FusionBlitz says

    Sniper rifle confirmed time to get ready to snipe some dinos :)

  6. Josh Morriss says

    Was that a damn dragon, if so i would want to tame that beast.

  7. Games4Kickz says

    +Starsnipe – Daily Videos – This looks amazing. Great update, awesome
    information. Can’t wait to get access, always wanted a Dino Pet 🙂 Modding
    support from the get-go sounds great as well. The game seems to have a crap
    load of features I can’t wait to play around with according to your
    information. I’m indeed very intrigued about the fantasy elements :D

  8. LordDragox412 says

    Ultimate troll – someone fortified their base too well? Summon a dragon and
    let him do the job for you! Oh, I really do hope that will be possible…

  9. Colette Brunel says

    This reminds me of the kind of game I wanted after watching the Jarrasic
    Park, however it’s spelled, and seeing games like Rust.

  10. Black Monday says

    Great… yet another PVP game masquerading as a “survival” game.

  11. Nocstriker says

    I am so excited for this and thanks for taking the time to give more
    updates Star. I am so ready to explore this world and upload vids. Keep up
    the great work Star!

  12. eathon nehoff says

    what do you guys think the gem on his arm will be used for?

  13. Josh Hodge says

    This gets better and better
    and do those amphibian dinos swim faster?

  14. James Mitchell says

    I have always had an idea with the running mechanic. The more you run, the
    more you CAN run, because if you run more in real life, you have a more
    resistance to being tired. So basically if you run an amount of distance in
    a day, you have upgraded running distance. I don’t know if they could do
    this but, once you are away from your game(logging off). You start to lose
    that running ability because you aren’t getting exercise.

  15. Tyler Vogel says

    Hey starsnipe when the video is at the point were it says “my fortress” you
    can see a power generator.(maybe for the turrets)