ARK: Survival Evolved News – Skill Tree, Technology, Plenty of Dinos & More! (ARK Weekly Digest #3)


  1. Starsnipe - Daily Videos says

    Today we recap newly released info about the Skill Tree, How Technology
    will work, and a multitude of new dinosaurs along with a plethora of other
    stuff including YOUR comments, questions, and suggestions!

  2. Starsnipe - Daily Videos says

    I had to reupload this one due to some editing issues present in the
    original, super sorry guys!

  3. Starsnipe - Daily Videos says

    Be sure to leave some comments and discuss some of what you think should be
    in the game, what would make sense to add, some questions you might have
    for each other/the dev, and really anything! I’ll pick a few
    discussions/questions to be featured on next weeks video as well :D

  4. Seventy-Three David says

    June 2nd. Can’t wait! I also love how this game is taking mechanics from
    games like RUST and adding so much more depth to the game itself. The
    progression sounds like something to behold. Hopefully it all plays out

  5. leon5643 says

    How advanced does technology get does just go to modern day or into the
    future? My money is on just a little past modern day but not to much.

  6. Kolby Cassidy says

    So I forgot what the name us for the shark but ut isn’t really the king of
    the sea there are a lot bigger dinosaurs for the sea……and well thay add
    dinosaurs that can spit or that attacks from a distance I don’t remember
    what they are called that could be a problem poison vs guns 

  7. bman0125 says

    Be pretty sweet if that gem in the forearm forearm was a inventory screen
    like the pip boy in fallout

  8. Robert Cooper says

    Looking forward to getting a hunting pack of a Carnosaurus and 2 raptors.
    Seems like a lethal combination to me. ;-)