1. Matthew N says

    woah i didnt really understand but ok. lol sounded like how jim henson had
    the computer thing and cookie monster ate it as it explained what each part
    was and function. if u havent seen it its like wow.

  2. blazerlover25 says

    well after watching it again I think it is about something in the computer
    world only nerds knows…

  3. quigon87yt says

    OK so what you want to do here is this You want to attack it’s most
    vulnerable spot. Come at it from this angle & locate the flip flop override
    device which intern will defuse the anti-gyroscopic pre-interface thrust
    chamber. Follow that baby down to the spherical de-combustion atmospheric
    servo tubes & the pneumatic centrifugal anti-gravity shield deflectors.
    Then you simply deactivate the axle gyro pre-sub inertia photo-megatronic
    oscillator you see here. Huh? You pull the plug! Hardware Wars

  4. Jerkwad152 says

    I was attempting to turn my toilet into a time machine. Didn’t work out so
    well. 🙁

  5. Cory Ulrich says

    It’s actually a very common mouse. I have a few dozen of them next to my
    desk at work. Hundreds more in our storage area.

  6. MrDubje says

    You are a really good speaker, even when what you say doesn’t mean anything
    :). Aren’t you a sales representative of some kind for a living? Nice april
    fools video!

  7. cyanghost109 says

    I just discovered that this was read word for word from a Time article that
    was talking about Turboencabulators, lol!

  8. uxwbill says

    The recording was done in around three takes…first time around I forgot a
    word, second time around something malfunctioned and resulted in strange
    audio. I just deleted the last paragraph and reread it.

  9. uxwbill says

    I think I dropped my only bumbafatorator tube on the floor a while ago. 😉
    I did actually drop a tube (think it was a 12SK7) on the floor a long while
    back. I was surprised at how long it took for the getter to become

  10. Heikki Mastokangas aka Hecxa says

    That bell sound at the end is distorded by the seiling fan

  11. mraiwa1000 says

    Huh? You are in my adress book. How would I turn contact lock off?

  12. Channel 2012 says

    It’s not a bad mouse actually with the exception of the fact that the
    scrollwheel on ours’ has got to be a bit flaky after years of neglect.

  13. The Diesel Dispenser says

    I agree with the man towards the end of the video.”What?”

  14. SuperFirish says

    That’s a hell of a lot of business cards in the background bill!

  15. uxwbill says

    …and yes, I did arrange those deliberately to see who might notice them!

  16. uxwbill says

    I don’t know the model number. It’s a close relative of the legendary GE
    4880 and yes, that is precisely why I picked it up. There will be a video
    coming soon discussing it.

  17. AIO inc. says

    I guess you could say he’s become
    *Puts on sunglasses*
    Bill Nye the Science guy