1. Joncharmed93 says

    I really don’t like the new app drawer. I hope they give users the choice
    to switch between the previous one in Lollipop and the one in M. Also
    don’t like how you can no longer see what apps are using how much ram.

  2. Carl B says

    I have the Nexus 6 on 5.1.1 and I have problems with manual exposure on my
    camera…. This option is shown as available but I cannot use it..
    Just wondering if anybody else is running into this problem with the stock

  3. KBOOM says

    The app drawer is kind of a ripoff from Windows Phone, but in rest, the os
    is kinda nice

  4. KentSpain85 says

    Wait wait wait… So for us to be able to see if an App is going to access
    a permission, the developer will have to code it especially for that…
    Then… I totally see hackers and spammers and crap apps willing to ask us
    BEFORE they access our info xD haha. So it looks like this is somewhat
    useless against crap-apps… But legit devs will take advantage of it to
    inspire more confidence.

  5. XtrAMassivE says

    New version already? Are they trying to make their market even more
    fragmented? Adoption of lollipop was terrible and I doubt that M will be
    any better.

  6. kosdity says

    I pity every person who has wasted money on WP thinking it’s better than

  7. CoisasDoFabio says

    So basicaly Android M is HTC Sense with an Android Skin ? Most of those ”
    new ” features have been on HTCs since i can remember, my HTC Hero had
    almost all of those things.

  8. Eccentric Nafi says

    what are they calling the latest iteration of android?Android Motherfucker?

    android is becoming boooooooooooring since jelly bean.i used to love
    android but i am a busy guy and now i dont bother for these updates.Carrier
    based update,OEM’s delaying update and all those craps

  9. William Shropshire says

    Um were apps not already organized by alphabetical order?

  10. Genrole Caspe says

    Why did you replaced the PocketNow intro music! Great video, though.

  11. Montpbm Crawford says

    I see that they copied some things from Windowsphone.. I’m not mad at them.
    Everybody copies something.

  12. •Finn• says

    Glad a normal Do Not Disturb mode is coming. I find that “Priority Mode”