Amazing Technology Invented By MIT – Tangible Media 2014


  1. Emigdio Niquet says

    The next step is taking the cables off and make it 3D images getting off

  2. Luis Babboni says

    32×32 monochrome…. wait few years till 1024×1024 colour version! :-)

  3. farouk jouti says

    AMAZING , I can imagine sooo many applications for this , for example ,
    imagine a larger version of this all over your house floor , and it takes
    any shape you need , example , you walk into your living room and you want
    to watch tv , you go to the place you want to sit , you do the sitting
    motion and a chair rises , afterwards when you want to change position or
    lay down it you just move and it take the shape you need , it can also take
    the shape of a table when you need one , OMG this will eliminate the need
    for furnitures and you entire house will become an open space .
    and this is just one of the applications

  4. Wa Wa says

    Yes it would be cool. Imagine if you had it on your walls or had them on
    rotaries inside your walls and floors. You could make a whole new rooms and
    change the dynamics of your entire house. Make shelves, doors, tables,
    chairs, and most importantly, death traps. :P

  5. therealdeadpen says

    1:14 What does that guy have in the camera making the blocks raise like
    that LOL.

  6. Evan Fish says

    when the pixel blocks get smaller it’ll be even cooler than it already is!

  7. SinnerD2010 says

    def see potential in this, especially with that modular 3d input concept.

    very cool looking to say the least!

  8. TalkSick GlowSick says

    I think it’s obvious the advancement of this technology is going to be much
    thinner ‘spikes’ to create more precise images and stuff… After that,

  9. guggi uggi says

    So, do they ever do any REAL science at MIT? Or do they just fuck about
    with semi-interesting concept-art the whole time?

  10. Black Ice says

    try changing a babys diaper with this thing then you can say its useful
    other than that useless shit like rest of the shit u guys make

  11. Kevin Davis says

    the one in xmen origins wolverine is much cooler 🙂
    great starting point thou amazing

  12. Makalon102 says

    this is going to save so many lives, the world is sure going to be a better
    place with this amazing invention, not

  13. TheDalbyShow says

    As this technology gets developed further the “pillars” will get so small
    they will be indistinguishable from one another. It will be like 3-D
    pixels. There could be true 3-D television, your furniture could be made of
    this stuff and change to suit your needs. It could be used to create tools,
    and structures. Floors made from it could be used to detect trespassers, or
    even victims trapped in fallen buildings due to earthquakes. Obviously its
    a way off of achieving this yet, but this technology is full of so much
    potential. I’m impressed.

  14. Rolando E. Rolon says

    LOL..Stupid haters always try to ridiculize someone else’s job. Look, this
    was made as a project to research about phisical interfaces, it doesn’t
    have to be ‘useful’. Haters hobbyes are useless too, just think about that,

  15. Luthor Hunt says

    can some tell me what is it for?, looks pretty cool, but, what is it for?,
    what’s the purpose?