3-D Printers Could Soon Make Human Skin ft. Dante Basco & David So


  1. FlyPatchMc says

    its 12:32 am were i live. its mid night and i am seeing jknews

  2. Kevin Nguyen says

    It 2:45 am. Stop it. Jk.

    Finally… Kevin has come before… Viet Lee. Wtf. :)

  3. Viet Lee says

    Oh Deer God, think of all the “horrible” application this will allow the
    common man. Building your own 3-D printer for plastic stuff is easy, there
    have been Lego versions made already. You just need to order the raw
    materials online. 3-D printer for metal stuff is a little harder because of
    heat requirement but doable. 3-D printers for bio organic creations will be
    somewhere between plastic and metal difficulty, I bet the hardest part will
    be keeping the device sterile.

    Anyways, I bet all of my potatoes, eventually, we will get some people
    making hyper realistic body part like faces of famous celebrities and using
    them for own sexual pleasures. Hell I bet some people here in the comment
    section would do it if they had the chance.

    Mark my words, you’ll hear some crazy story where someone will print out a
    celebrity face for example; Scarlet Johansson and do a DIY face transplant.

  4. Saul Mondragon says

    There can only be one feature. I demand an Agni Kai between Dante and David

  5. Marsha Martian says

    why did Tiffany say that Dante is part Mexican? He’s full Filipino…

  6. Rexroybal says

    I use have such a crush on Dante in hook. That was favorite movie!

  7. Panzer_Z says

    David’s wrong brown sugar. It is typically commercially made by adding
    molasses to white refined sugar. The natural kind already has the mother
    molasses already mixed in.

  8. Angel eyes says

    This guest is my fav can we keep him!!! lool it’s not weird when he talks.
    the white guy made me feel awkward … tbh 

  9. Nelson Creek says

    Yo JKNews is entertaining and all, but Julia is sooooooo fucking slow in
    the head: “So they’re just gonna be using live cells, and they’re gonna use
    the 3D machines and just print it out into making skin”… Literally a
    fucking given with the title of the article- actually summarise the article
    and not guess and mix shit up. Have Julia replaced and the professionalism
    of the show will increase exponentially.

  10. Pokemon60660 says

    When they were talking about 3D printing food, I was thinking about that
    one scene from Spy Kids where they put a small packet in the microwave and
    then BAM it turns into fries and a burger from Mcdonald’s.

  11. CrazyCircles1 says

    Brown sugar is the natural form of sugar David. The white sugar you see is
    the clean pure sugar cleaned with chemicals to make it more neutral looking.
    And the Coca Cola flavour is originated from Coca aka Cocaine and the Kola
    nut which makes the Brand = Coca Cola (Coca from Cocaine and Cola from the

  12. Un1234l says

    David only knew about Cactus Cola when he was in college? BULLSHIT amirite
    guys? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. Jacob Nguyen says

    This video went from being about 3d printed skin to being about soda.

  14. Esther Choi says

    There was like a huge campaign in the 90s where they advocated the concept
    of the “internet”. It seems 3D printing will become the next common item in
    the next 10 years…and that’s pretty exciting!