2020 NASA’s New Breed of Technology #Mind Blow Documentary (HD)


  1. screamengine says

    Maybe they might even put a man on the moon. Hope I’m alive to see it.

  2. Bleachsoul13 says

    The ship on the preview thumbnail is a Cardassian ship from Star Trek…

  3. Leon M Scott says

    *NASA’s GCDP Program*

    *Apparently NASA had for a little bogged down and needed to kick start its
    development processes.*

    Good video.


  4. woodendreams says

    The game has not changed, why have we not gone to the moon, again? Where is
    all the real footage of all planets including the Earth? No? go look. You
    get CGI graphics, Apollo 17, just like here. NASA has a mysterious
    convoluted past one carried out by Jack Parsons of JPL, Verner Von Brown,
    occultists in the dark arts recruits of project paper clip post 2nd ww2
    “Nazi” Bell project author Peter Lavenda.This is another pitch by the New
    Disney Land for your $$$ you must be spaced Ace, to fall for this MAGIK
    Spell. Here’s the game changer Neil Strong Arm, there is no space, the
    earth is concave like the fish eye convenient lens you see lit dimly not so
    great white turd buster brother hood of the limp trouser hand sand witch
    full of holes. All GPS is ground based, faulty Nav mile high club way off,
    Ancient Ass-n-nuts my third eye, glass walls, glass ceiling can’t you just
    get to kneeling cause its coming down all over town and your monies no good
    where you’re going, and your made for TV movies are boring, and the fuel
    you spent was cannon fodder for the home coming wave and kiss your 1960’s
    old school shuttle spud nick obelisk in your crater aids, and cracker jack
    Moon-faker Mickey Mouse player team bankrupt the country and leave the
    plan-ET-EloEl. Sure lets see how thats gonna go DOWN.

  5. Apache Sakai says

    Really? NASA is not dead, But in Coma since Obama administration cut Budget

  6. THeRealTroy07 says

    Game-changing Innovation? How about merging public and private sectors for
    Game-changing innovation?

  7. Karen Yung says

    The Pilgrims faked the Plymouth Rock landing, with help from NASA

  8. RealistReviewer says

    Exoskeletons and the like are great concepts, but they along with many
    things have an ultimate flaw, we cannot store enough power in a small and
    light enough state to power them for any feasable length of time, it is
    likely it will be a long time until it is, so probably should put that
    project away for about 40 years, I mean we are still using ancient
    batteries in our cars still because it is more cost efficient. The new
    generations of batteries, are not light enough to be practical and run out
    of power far to quickly.

    Perhaps should invest more resources in smaller more powerful portable
    power sources first before making a machine (and indeed many other
    machines) that needs it 🙂

    We built a thing! it’s awesome, great when can we use it! well you can’t
    yet because we have nothing to power it but this huge bulky cable…. yeah
    talk to us when you get it usable…

  9. Venkatesh Babu says

    Always innovations are welcome and that is how you shape the future…

  10. DonnyDisintor says

    Great video however NASA does not own these. These crafts are Lockheed
    Martin and Boeing.